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First thing you need to do is fill out the application form. This lets us know a little bit about you and helps us decide if you will be a good fit to work with children under our care.  You can do the form on-line or you may download the form here.

Just making sure you are who you say you are and that you don't have any problems working with children. We contract with Ministry Mobilizer to do our Background Check.  You can enter the information yourself securely on-line, or let us do it.   There is a cost of $7.50 per background check.

please consult with the church about our current policy for reimbursing the background checks.

thanks for jumping through all of the hoops to help us keep children safe in our children's ministries.  We hope we can plug you into serving in one of our children's ministries.  



We use a 35 minute video from the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention as our training content.  Please watch the video and be ready to answer some questions on what it contains. 


We also have a child worker booklet that emphasizes the key points. Please open it and look over it on line or print it out to study on your own. If you need a copy let us know.

Step Four:
Help out with kids.

At First Baptist Church we believe that God loves Children.


The following links will take you through the process to become a volunteer worker at UCFBC. We have instituted a child protection program, to help make sure that children are in a safe place to hear the most important news they will ever hear.  We have a three part process that we do to the best of our ability:  1. Screen volunteers, and workers, 2. Train volunteers and workers, and 3. Supervise volunteers and workers.  The following links will get you through the process.

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