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The vision of First Baptist Church Union City, is to produce fully mature, well equipped, and mission focused disciples capable of reaching Union City and the World with the Gospel of Christ.  We base our efforts on these four pillars:

A Fervent Commitment to Prayer:  Recognizing our overt dependence upon God as a foundational part of our lives together.


The Fellowship of the Kingdom of God:  The purposeful commitment to living out God's ways in the church community, and the community at large.

A Biblical Theology:  The truth about who God is, what we are, and where everything is going.


The Gospel of Jesus Christ:  Understanding the real problems and the true solutions to Man's ultimate dilemma.



We consider reaching the World a necessary goal for every chruch regardless of size.  To that end we partner with other churches to help share the comprehensive reconcilation of the GOSPEL with others around the world:

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